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Kvarner records its history since the prehistoric times. The first inhabitants were Liburnians who have in this area established their influence and trade connections, and is thought to be still present in large Liburna relationship with the local population. Its impact on this area had the Greek and Roman sailors in a large extent. About the Roman powerful impact today speak many cultural traces and historical monuments.


History Kvarner


About the arrival of the Croats in Istria in the 7th c. says one of the most important monuments of the Croatian language, Baska tablet, which was found on the island of Krk, and was created around 1100 year. Due to its favorable geographical position Kvarner has always been a crossroad of many peoples and civilizations, which have, each in their own way, entered an indelible mark in the history book of the region. Throughout the centuries here have exchanged many rulers, Kvarner was shared and changed its composition. A great influence had Austro-Hungary, and during they rule here were built summer houses and villas for the rich aristocracy, and with whose existence is tied the beginning of tourism in Kvarner. Between the two World Wars the importance of a town Rijeka changes due to the establishment of Free State of Rijeka - 1920 year's Italian annexation of the State of Rijeka,  which became an autonomous part of her due to the Treaty of Rome. Even today, decades later, Rijeka kept the old walls and the cultural and historical traces of the period when it was given to Italy, which is largely felt in the way of life and well-known Italian temperament . After 2nd World War, Rijeka together with Istria officially joined ex-Yugoslavia and in present day is a part of Republic of Croatia as one of the most important regions and merchant-maritime centers on our coast.

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